ASTROLOG - Your Daily Planning Guide for ALL Sun Signs

ASTROLOG is an indispensable tool as an action guide for decision making and time management. In addition to the daily interpretation of the astrological symbols, ASTROLOG also provides a running commentary informing of the larger cycles such as Mercury Retrograde and Direct, the Lunations, Moon Wobbles, and major planetary configurations. See Familiar Astrological Themes

ASTROLOG is an interpretation of the astrological calendar developed over a period of years. It is the result of observing how the astrological influences are likely to effect everyday activities. Elliot Tanzer has published ASTROLOG since 1984.

ASTROLOG does not tell you what to do, but rather informs you of what the energetic climate is like and gives guidance in how to best utilize the energy of the day or moment. It is written for ALL Sun Signs. It is the energy of the day as it might effect each person individually. It is for this reason that many subscribers have discovered ASTROLOG to be an “indispensable action guide for decision making and time management”.


“I love ASTROLOG so much! It has been a faithful friend for many years. The good guidance, and “feel” for each day has been greatly appreciated. You have done good work and your positive influence has reached many lives.
— Love and Light, Nancy Finley, Irvine, CA

“I can’t imagine being without “My ASTROLOG” – It is always my ‘intent for the day’ that starts with the ASTROLOG. I always have it in my bag to schedule any kind of appointments or anything of importance.
— Blessings to you, Claire Lewis-Jones, Kihei, Maui