Get Ready For The Moon Wobble

ASTROLOG: A Daily Planning Guide for ALL Sun Signs – January 1983

When things are getting tough, many people look to the heavens. It most be in the stars. Sometimes to justify that whatever is happening isn’t our fault. Let’s blame it on the stars. Maybe its Mercury Retrograding, or a Moon Void of Course, or a weird alignment of some sort. So we call the astrologer and if the astrologer is adept, a glib answer will explain it all. And most important, the astrologer should also be able to say when this difficult configuration will pass and when your life will get back to normal.

However, sometimes the astrologer is at a bit of loss. Can’t blame it on the usual menagerie of zodiacal animals and planetary gods and goddesses. Fact is, there are many other culprits to consider. As we all continue our research, other alternatives make themselves known. One of these is technically called, “Lunar Instability.” More commonly this phenomenon is referred to as the Moon Wobble. It was discovered by Carl Payne Tobey (see footnote) and occurs approximately every 86.5 days when the Sun is conjunct, square or opposite the Moon’s Nodes.

During this cycle people tend to become impatient and jittery. Arguments breakout and tempers can flare. Remaining calm is the key! Do not make hasty decisions or become careless. If you do, you will possibly regret it after the cycle is past. Watch people around you. You will notice that they become irritable and cross at things they would normally overlook. But, more important, keep your cool!

Along with fires, and the loss of life due to fires, suicides (which happen more frequently during these cycles), and accidents of all types increase. This is because people tend to act more impulsively instead of rationally. And of course if Mercury is also Retrograde, the Moon is Void of Course and there are other weird alignments, a Moon Wobble is likely to make your life really miserable.

The day the aspect is exact is considered the peak. Surprisingly, the peak can appear to be deceptively calm. Most newsworthy events of national and international flavor (such as: airplane crashes, political craziness, etc), occur two weeks before for about a week. After the peak, the Moon Wobble dissipates rapidly and is generally gone after one week.

Check the news files for Moon Wobbles of the past and you will discover occurrences such as train derailments, hijack airplane crashes, a Peruvian hostage situation and the bombing of the World Trade Center among many other noteworthy difficulties. In the case of the destruction of the World Trade Center Mars was also transiting over the South Node of the Moon among some of the other “weird alignments”.

Remember, during a Moon Wobble there is a great surge of energy. It is not good or bad. It is just energy and an energy influx that tends to influence the emotions. this kind of energy can be extremely beneficial. It usually isn’t beneficial as a result of the difficulty that most people have of focusing emotional energy. So keep your feet firmly on the ground as you learn to do the Moon Wobble.

Reference: Tobey, Carl Payne. Astrology of Inner Space. Tucson, AZ: Omen Press, 1972.