Astro*Carto*Graphy – A New Feng Shui Technique

The Maui Voice #2 – Fall 1997

“How can I improve my life?” People have been asking this question for millennia. Traditionally, people have turned to astrology, numerology, magical incantations, burning candles and other various forms of magick to better their lot in life.

Recently many individuals have been turning to the ancient geomantic art known in China as feng shui to improve their success in relationships, business and health. Historically, feng shui focused primarily in choosing the best site for a home and then arranging the exterior and interior in the most harmonious manner to stimulate and facilitate the flow of beneficial ch’i.


Until the mid-1900’s, very few people traveled far from their place of birth. In fact, the majority of people rarely left their county or providence. Now vast numbers of people are traveling the globe for pleasure, business or with intentions to re-locate. Given this incredible capability of people to choose where in the world to live, there has developed a way of determining which locations are most suitable not just for an individual but for a whole family. This system putting this information at your finger tips is called Astro*Carto*Graphy and it addresses itself to answering all crucial questions related to where we live – the quality of our lives, the kind of people we meet and the success of our career. An Astro*Carto*Graphy Map shows us how we interact with the geography of planet earth.

Many of you are familiar with some of the usual ways astrology can be used in self-discovery, understanding relationships and understanding the changes that happen throughout life (transits and progressions). Like an astrological birth chart, an Astro*Carto*Graphy chart is determined by your date, time and place of birth. Unlike the usual mandala-like astrological birth chart – a circle with signs and symbols inscribed around it, the Astro*Carto*Graphy Map is a map of the world showing geographically where each planet was passing over at your moment of birth.

Global Feng Shui

You might say Astro*Carto*Graphy is an astrological technique that takes feng shui to a global dimension. Where traditionally feng shui concerned itself with creating harmony in the immediate home environment by removing obstacles, arranging furniture and the use of color and symbols, Astro*Carto*Graphy concerns itself to which location on planet Earth is most harmonious for an individual to live.

Through my study of Astro*Carto*Graphy, I have found that different locations have different influence making it easier or more difficult to manifest goals and even to resolve personality and health issues.

Where’s The Best Place For Me?

Whenever any of my clients are considering moving to a new location, I do an Astro*Carto*Graphy chart for their date, time and place of birth to determine the best location for them to move to. More frequently, I use this chart when an individual seems unhappy where they have been living and there is no other apparent astrological reasons to explain why life has been so tough for so long. Some difficult planetary transits can last a month or two. If more than one natal planet is involved, a whole year or two of life can be rather rough. But if problems continue to persist, it is time to look at the individual’s chemistry with the location. In this situation it usually turns out the individual is living on an unfavorable planetary line.

Planetary Lines

As a generalization, the planetary lines that are most favorable are Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury while the lines that are seem most difficult are Saturn, Pluto and Mars. The Moon, Uranus and Neptune seem to be difficult for most individuals while others do quite well on these planetary lines especially when combined with the more favorable ones mentioned above. However, it should quickly be pointed out that even difficult lines can be used to advantage and sometimes a usually favorable line can be quite difficult

For Example:

  • The Sun-line encourages creative self-expression and leadership. This would not be favorable for an individual who is introverted and shy of public involvement nor for someone who is self-centered and arrogant.
  • The Moon-line can be caring, encouraging family life and careers dealing with women, children and real estate. As the Moon reflects the Sun, individuals with a poor sense of self-hood will feel they have no life of their own and get caught in everyone else’s soap opera and melodrama.
  • Mercury -lines favor cleverness in communication, social interaction and expression of ideas but can be detrimental to those inclined to be get-rich-quick scam artists, pathological liars and bold face thieves.
  • Venus-lines are usually conducive to the expression of love, art and the attraction of luxury but can be a place of undoing for those who are over indulgent and lazy.
  • Mars-lines are difficult for relationships due to Mars’ inclination to be contentious, reckless and machismo while being favorable for construction workers, military and competitive athletes.
  • Jupiter-lines are quite beneficial in all areas of life as it brings abundance, positive thinking and social adroitness. Jupiter-lines may be difficult for gamblers and other forms of addictive behavior.
  • Saturn-lines may be beneficial for helping some people to bring structure into their life but once they have their ‘act together’ the best advice is, “leave.” Living on a Saturn-line is ultimately much too depressive, burdensome, alienating, lonely and contractive.
  • Uranus-lines can be exciting and even electrifying favoring media, technology and entrepreneurial innovativeness but for most individuals it is nerve wracking, unpredictable and detached from relationships.
  • Neptune-lines which can be very mystical and creatively inspiring usually ends up scattered, anxious and feeling life has past by without recognition of accomplishment. Both Uranus and Neptune may be more creative, spiritual or romantic when combined with more favorable planets.
  • Pluto-lines can be the worst. Living on your Pluto-lines may begin with a wonderful high, even an ecstatic high, but in a short time the crest of the wave gives out and there is a heavy fall. While it is true that living on a Pluto-line may give you a valuable karmic lesson in power issues, it is rarely a place to enjoy peace and harmony. Again the advice is, “leave.”

Even the kinds of people you will meet where you are living or to where you might travel will be flavored by the planetary lines found in those specific locations. On Saturn-lines you meet and struggle with saturnian people finding them irksome and unyielding. On a Mars-lines, you will argue and fight with martian people. On your Venus-line, you will attract pleasure, find business goes smoothly and even your dentist will be a pleasure to look at as s/he drills your teeth.

A Case History

One study I recently read correlated a young woman’s travel journal through Europe in the 1970’s to her Astro*Carto*Graphy chart. Briefly, she began her journey in Crete between her Sun and Moon lines where she began “recording her daily activities and observations…with the kind of creative urge often sparked by Sun lines.” Leaving Crete, she then spent time on the island of Cefalonia situated on her Pluto-line. There she met an older man “who was…experienced and skilled enough for her to find herself really enjoying sex for the first time.” Next she traveled through Yugoslavia still on her Pluto-line and found herself tormented by children on a back road until rescued by a tourist bus. “From sex to death, she had experienced Pluto close up.”*

Remote Activation

Beside using an Astro*Carto*Graphy Map to choose the best location to live in, it can also be used to choose the best locations to do business in. I have quite a few case histories demonstrating that the energy of other locations can be activated without necessarily going to that location. This is called ‘remote activation’. For example if you are doing business with a company situated on an unfavorable line, business will be difficult due to arguments and obstacles. While engaging in business on favorable lines, will go smoothly, be successful and be enjoyable.

Examples of this principle of remote activation can be seen in the Astro*Carto*Graphy Maps of JFK and LBJ both having Mars in southeast Asia involving them and the United States in the Vietnam War. Carter had Mars over Iran, Bush over Iraq and Reagan over Granada. While Dick Nixon had Neptune over both Washington D.C. and Vietnam putting him into a fog of reality in both places with his presidency ending in confusion, developing paranoia and even his eventual wash out at Watergate.

In contrast, President Bill Clinton is blessed with a Jupiter-line in Washington D.C. protecting him from his own excesses and allowing him to maintain presidential dignity through it all. However, Clinton’s Mars-line crosses his birthplace of Arkansas where he was abused by his father during his youth and now by fellow Arkansawan, prosecutor Ken Starr, and where his legal matters continually keep him beleaguered.

It is interesting to note that former president George W. Bush has a combination of Jupiter and the Moon in the nation’s capital. Like former President Clinton, Bush will also enjoy Jupiter’s protective influences, and with the Moon influence there as well, he will definitely feel very much at home in the White House.

The current US President Barack Obama has, as might be expect, a much more mixed combination of planetary influences. The Sun is there for leadership, his ability to shine forth, and comfortable role playing the consummate host to world leaders and entertainers alike. The Moon is there, so he too, like Bush, feels very much at home and a comfortable place to raise children. However, the Sun and Moon influencing the same place can also be a conflict of roles as may be symbolized by the question: is he the husband or the wife? That is, does he lead or support? At times, I suspect he does indeed feel like Congress’ battered wife. A third influence comes from a Uranus line, which has a wide variety of symbolism from progressive revolutionary at one end of the spectrum to alien outsider at the other end.

Why Am I Where I AM?

So why would anyone choose anything less than the best planetary lines to live on? Karma of course – lessons in life that need to be worked through. Where we live fits our patterns as expressed by our soul’s needs. For an individual who has been struggling for years living on a difficult planetary line, looking at an Astro*Carto*Graphy chart usually means they are ready to make a conscious choice to live a more harmonious and less strife filled life. Remember the basic concept that by making changes on the physical, you set into motion your intention to change on the spiritual.

Of course it should be understood that moving somewhere else on planet earth won’t change your core issues. But at least by changing cities, you could remove additional frustrations in resolving these core issues sooner rather than later. For example: an alcoholic in recovery may find more of an inclination to back slide in certain locations and more support to grow and change in another.

In other words, living on your Venus-line doesn’t imply you will immediately meet, fall in love with and marry your Soul Mate. In fact, you may end up with a divorce or two. But at least the relationship(s) will be loving, probably fun while they lasted and resolve themselves, however bumpy the ending might be, harmoniously. How much saner is it to end a relationship as friends with fond memories of the times that were good. Plus, you are likely to learn from your mistakes assisting you to be confident to try again. While struggling in a relationship living on a Saturn-line with a saturnian individual, with yourself expressing saturnian traits of rigidity and critical uptightness may end with bitterness and being turned off to future relationship in fear of being hurt again.

Planning To Travel?

For people who travel from location to location there is another technique called Cyclo*Carto*Graphy. This is similar to a transit reading of the astrological birth chart as it shows the changing energy.

For example: former President Carter had Mars in Iran but it wasn’t until Pluto (as indicated by his Cyclo*Carto*Graphy chart) went over Iran that this potential aggression exploded in the hostage controversy. Of course, we can get analytical and suspect that President Carter had a weak or shadowed Mars nature and that it was the Iran conflict that forced him to confront this suppressed aspect of self.

Another pertinent example is John F. Kennedy’s chart with Pluto on the Mid-Heaven over Dallas combined with secondary influences of Mars/Uranus, Uranus/Mars, Uranus/Sun and Mars/Neptune. While all the interpretations apply, one phrase from Mars/Uranus seems particularly apt: “…accidents in the use of guns, machinery or in driving are common.”** For the rest of us mere mortals the implications are the same. If you travel to a place during a poor transit, you are likely to experience some form of difficulty reflective of your core issues and evolutionary needs.

I have my own first hand story to tell of how I could have avoided a disastrous trip to California had I looked at my Cyclo*Carto*Graphy chart beforehand. At my time of birth, Venus was passing over California and consequently California has always been a loving, supportive and creative place for me to be. I often travel to L.A. to do astrological readings and feng shui consultations. business is usually good, the clientele wonderful to work with and the quality of the work very appreciated.

However, a few years ago I made the mistake of traveling to this otherwise joyous Venus location when Saturn was transiting over head as indicated by the Cyclo*Carto*Graphy chart. Not only was smog horrendous, the clients irksome to work with but the trip was not as lucrative as usual as I had a dental emergency which was difficult for the dentist to handle and I ended up in bed for three days with my left jaw traumatized. Needless to say, I never travel anywhere without first checking my Cyclo*Carto*Graphy chart.

How To Interpret An Astro*Carto*Graphy Chart

An Astro*Carto*Graphy Map is 7 1/2″ x 15 1/2″. An A*C*G Map Kit comes with an A*C*G Manual with explanations of each of the planetary lines as seen in the illustration. These lines indicate the primary influences of each planet based on their positions on the four angles. These four angles indicate where the planet on that day was rising,setting, at high noon and at midnight. These angles are most powerful and will bring the energy of a planet situated on the angles into the foreground for greater emphasis. All together there are forty planetary lines (ten planets times four angles). The influence of each of these planetary lines is felt approximately 750-800 miles east and west of these lines. In some cases there are more than one planetary influence to read about in the Manual.

In addition to these primary lines there can also be secondary influences based on the exact latitude that two planetary lines are crossing (called parans). Printed on the lower right hand margin of your A*C*G map is a handy reference guide that lists all the Line Crossings and the latitudes at which they occur with the explanation for them in the second half of the Manual. In the event there are no primary lines, the secondary line will be seen as the primary influence. If there is neither a primary or secondary line, it is unlikely you will stay very long in such a location. Even if you own a home there, you may find you come back to it often but rarely stay before venturing forth on a new journey elsewhere. There are subtler levels and applications, but that’s basically all you need to know to get started.

No Astrological Knowledge Needed

Though a knowledge of astrology and astrological symbols are not needed, most non-astrologers will benefit by having the assistance of a professional astrologer who is experienced in analyzing Astro*Carto*Graphy Maps. Then, after you have been introduced to the methods of analysis, any time in the future when you are ready to travel or do business in locations any where in the world, you will know what to look for and what to expect.

[Note: However, I should be quick to point out, not all professional astrologers, no matter how talented, are not trained in how to evaluate Astro*Carto*Graphy Maps. Be wise and ask if they have been certified by Jim Lewis (the originator of Astro*Carto*Graphy Maps), or trained by someone who has been certified? Trust me, if their only training is reading the A*C*G Manual that comes with the A*C*G Map, they do not know what they are doing. If they tell you there are more precise or better astrological relocation methods, trust me, they do not know how to evaluate an A*C*G Map, and their preference for another system is due to their lack of training. If someone gives you a map downloaded from the Internet or printed out from their home computer on letter size paper, though accurately calculated, are far too small to provide the fine tuning possible with the larger A*C*G Maps only available from the UK company that is franchised to offer this unique product.  It is for this reason that I have written my book on the subject that is meant to train the uncertified professional, who wants to learn the proper way to evaluate A*C*G Maps, and for the layperson who is capable of following step-by-step instructions.

My book has color illustrations, planetary line interpretations, Case Histories, and shows you how to prep a map to shade in the best areas in one color and the worst in another, so the areas that are best for you are clearly defined. As the A*C*G Map does not have state or country boundaries and only major cities, in my book I also show you how to transfer the results onto a World Atlas, so you clearly see which cities and typographies are there for you to choose from. See book review elsewhere: Evaluating Astro*Carto*Graphy Maps: Finding the Best Places to Live & Travel – Your Step by Step Guide. If you are good at following instructions, my book is perfect for you. Otherwise, contact me for a consultation.]

Choose The Right Location For You

But without a doubt if you are unhappy, suffering in one or more areas of your life, and finding your career success to be elusive, I strongly recommend you get your Astro*Carto*Graphy Map calculated to determine a more harmonious planetary line to move to. Go to where you’ll have fun, be productive, feel appreciated and where you can resolve your core issues gracefully. Location, location, location. Remember, you can choose to live your life more harmoniously and joyfully.


The Astro*Carto*Graphy Map and Manual was created and developed by astrologer Jim Lewis to whose innovative and inventive Spirit we are greatly indebted.

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Please Note Well: If you are using my book to assist you in evaluating your A*C*G Map, Do Not order a laminated copy, as you will not be able to follow my instructions on how to shade in the best areas in one color and the worst areas in a different color.

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