I have been a student of philosophy, psychology, religion and metaphysics since my teenage years. I began my meditation studies when I was thirteen. I had my first out of the body experience when I was seven.

In 1968 after graduating college, I enjoyed a short career as an actor. Performing on stage was a very liberating experience for me. It help me free up many inhibition, helped me to discover my “voice,” and to discover how much I enjoyed interacting with a live audience. It was also during this time that I was introduced to Astrology, Tarot, I Ching, Tai Chi Chuan and holistic approaches to health. Especially the age-old concept that herbs and food (preferably organic) are ones best medicine. I have followed that commonsense idea ever since, and have rarely been ill.

In 1973, I decided to dedicate myself to service hanging out my shingle as an astrological counselor. By 1974, I began teaching metaphysics, astrology, spirituality and health related subjects, including use of pendulums, Bach Flower Remedies, and introduction to homeopathic first-aid remedies, aura perception, aura clearing, and much more.

I have been a featured speaker and workshop leader at several Los Angeles Whole Life Expos, International Feng Shui Conferences and many metaphysical societies, including Manly P. Hall’s prestigious Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles. I taught at, and was on the public relations committee of, the first United Astrology Congress (UAC ’86) held in San Diego, CA.

In 1982, I was invited to join the teaching staff of Heartwood: California College of the Healing Arts. It was at Heartwood that I was awarded an Honorary M.A. in recognition of my many years of synthesis of eastern and western mystical traditions. I have taught at the Western School of Feng Shui in California, the Nordic School of Feng Shui in Sweden, and the Integrative School of Feng Shui, which I co-founded with the late James Allyn Moser and Sharon Ball.

I have been interviewed and have hosted numerable radio call-in talk shows including an interview by CNN. I have also appeared on many local television talk shows. In addition to my other credits, I have edited and published alternative health and astrological magazines, and published a book, Exercises For The Spiritual Body: Meditation & Metaphysics and Their Practical Application. This book comes with a companion Guided Visualization Meditation for grounding, chakra clearing, aura balancing, centering in ones Space and opening the Inner Eye to develop and enhance ones psychic sensitivities. Of the many meditations I have learned over the years, this is perhaps the most important, and one that has enabled me to do the highly sensitive work that I do. I highly recommend it to anyone who is psychically sensitive, and those in the healing and counseling professions.

The first in the series of books on Feng Shui, Choose the Best House for You: The Feng Shui Checklist was first published in Dec. 2003; Revised 3rd Edition 2012 with new title: Feng Shui Secrets: Improving Health, Wealth & Relationship Harmony, which has  become a basic text used by many teachers on the subject of Landform Feng Shui with focus on house siting, structure, room configuration and environmental concerns. Landform Feng Shui is the foundation that all other systems of Feng Shui depend on for their effectiveness.

I have also published an astrological how-to book, Evaluating Astro*Carto*Graphy Maps: Finding the Best Places to Live & Travel — Your Step by Step Guide. This is the first and only illustrated book that gives actual instruction how to evaluate how close a planetary line actually is in order to judge it as an influence. The section interpreting the influences of each of the planetary lines has been expanded to include health issues and a Risk Assessment of each line. There is also many examples of how to apply this information, along with a section featuring Case Histories. The book comes with a 1-hour DVD that demonstrates my step-by-step method for personalizing an A*C*G Map to bring it graphically alive, so best and least favorable locations can be clearly differentiated.

These books, recorded classes for home study, my Article Archives, and other products I have developed can be found elsewhere on this website.