Astrology Consultations

Since 2000, 95% of Elliot’s astrology consultations have been by phone, and, thanks to the availability of FaceTime, Skype and Zoom, has expanded to include an international clientele in all corners of the world.

Astrology Readings: When Elliot looks at your Birth Chart, he is looking at what might be called, your energy blueprint. Without ever meeting you, it will seem he has known you all your life. Indeed, it will seem that he knows you better than you know yourself. Which, of course, is why an Astrology Reading is an important investment in yourself, and a great way for gaining new in depth insights and understandings regarding your purpose and lessons in life, especially as regards your health, relationship and career issues.

An Astrology Reading from Elliot can focus on self-understanding, relationship compatibility and a look into the future, to understand the larger rhythms of your Destiny, and like a “road map” – informing you in advance what the road conditions are up ahead, so you will know the best days to take action and when there will be bumps in the road, signifying the best times to be cautious. An astrology reading is usually an hour to two hours depending on what questions you want answered, and whether you want Elliot to be comprehensive in telling you everything he can tell you about you.

Estimated Time Needed:

  • Astrology Birth Chart Readings are usually an hour.
  • Future Forecasts and Yearly Updates are usually an hour.
  • Relationship Compatibility Studies are usually an hour.
  • A comprehensive reading of all of the above is usually two hours.

Astro*Carto*Graphy Map Evaluations

An Astro*Carto*Graphy Map is the best way to understand your “chemistry” with your current location, and how that effects relationships, health, and your overall joy of living. It is the best and only way to discover where around the world your health and relationships will improve, and where you will enjoy the best quality of life. An A*C*G Map evaluation takes the “hit or miss” out of choosing where to live, by enabling you to zero in on your best areas, so you can then make a conscious choice as to where your life will unfold most joyfully.

  • Depending on questions and complexity, one (1) Astro*Carto*Graphy Map evaluations is usually an hour,
  • For each additional Map evaluated during the same consultation at least an additional half hour to hour per map is needed.

Fees: Whether Astrology Birth Chart, Compatibility, Future Forecast or Feng Shui consultations by phone, Skype, Facetime or Zoom are billed at $225.00 an hour.

The fee for me to order your A*C*G Map, 1-hour phone consultation, and the time needed to prep the Map, indicating the most and least favorable locations, so along with the Map and the recording of our discussion, you will have a permanent record to refer to if in the future you again consider relocating is $325. A*C*G Map evaluations for couples is 2-hours plus the 2-Maps is $620. To order and prep each additional Map for the same family is $125.

A 2-hour Comprehensive Reading of the Birth Chart, Future  Forecast and A*C*G Map evaluation for 1-person is $525. If a couple would like a Birth Chart and Future Forecast Reading along with an A*C*G Map evaluation, I suggest making two separate 2-hour appointments so as not to be overwhelmed and overload by too much information.

If you already have a copy of your large format A*C*G Map (7 1/2 x 15 1/4) obtained from the U.K. franchised distributor, there is no need to purchase another. If you have an original A*C*G Map, you can either send me the original, (contact me by email for my current mailing address), a photocopy of the original (do not reduce or enlarge), or, if necessary (and the least preferred method) a scan, by scanning the left and right sides separately and then saved and sent as a PDF file. Note: If you can provide me with a copy or original Map, there is a price reduction of $20 per Map.

If you have an earlier version of the A*C*G Map that came in a brown folder, be sure to also include either the original or copy of the white Latitude Crossings page, which should have your name at the top that was sent to you inserted along with the A*C*G Map. This information is essential to providing a nuanced A*C*G Map evaluation, as it is used to determine within those areas considered best, which ones are even better. This information is now printed directly in the lower right hand margin of the newer A*C*G Map versions provided by the UK franchise.

[Note: If you chose to use a different astrologer to assist you with A*C*G Map evaluations, be sure it is someone who is certified by Jim Lewis, someone who has studied with someone who is certified, or has read my book, Evaluating Astro*Carto*Graphy Maps – A Step by Step Guide, which is the only book available with accurate instructions how to take proper measurements as taught by A*C*G Map originator, Jim Lewis in his Certification Course. Unfortunately, there are many astrologers who read the original A*C*G Manual, assume they understood the instructions, and never got the memo when the instructions where revised a few years later.

Unfortunately, the Manual was never updated, as Jim Lewis died a few years later and copyright laws protect it as an historical document and do not allow for corrections. The lack of correct information in the original A*C*G Map Manual has also led some astrologers to believe that the use of a Relocated natal Chart is more accurate method to determine ones best places to live, which it is not, and only true when compared to their lack of training how to correctly analyze a large format A*C*G Map. The Relocated Natal Chart method is at best a hit’n’miss method due to sharing some common denominators with an A*C*G Map, that sometimes gets it right, but often does not 1. due to Pluto’s actual In Mundo position, 2. when two planets, though situated in what are considered favorable House locations, do not blend well together when both are within 8º of one of the four Angles, and 3. can only show locations based on Time Zones.

I emphasize ‘large format A*C*G Map,‘ as it is possible to print out smaller versions of these maps using astrology mapping software for the home computer or downloaded for free from various Internet sites. Though accurately calculated, as they are printed on letter size paper, they are about half the size of the larger A*C*G Maps originally designed by Jim Lewis, and lack the ability to provide a more nuanced evaluation, as the scale of measurement to determine 700 to 750 miles is reduced down to 1/8 and even 1/16 of an inch, and are not in a larger enough scale to use the instructions in my Step-by-Step Guide effectively. And for some reason A*C*G Maps on, only give an evaluation of planetary lines within 125 miles, which is more conservative than Jim Lewis’ original suggestion as given in his A*C*G Manual of 250 miles, and way shorter than the 700 to 750 miles that should be under consideration for an accurate evaluation.

I have written the only step-by-step instruction book that encompasses all the latest guidelines used by all the certified A*C*G Map readers. If you are an astrologer and would like to add A*C*G Map evaluations to your menu of services, or you are good at reading a map and following instructions with many steps, and want to do it yourself, you can purchase a copy of my book at a Special Online Discount.

All consultations whether in person, via Skype, Zoom, Signal, FaceTime or by phone are recorded, so you can re listen to the consultation afterward, or at anytime in the future you need a reminder – so you will be sure you know what to do, and why you are doing it.

For more information about Astrology, Astro*Carto*Graphy or Feng Shui Consultations

To make an appointment with Elliot, contact him directly by telephone and leave a message at: 310.281.6798, or for a quicker response by e-mail at:

“Yesterday, Elliot and I completed one amazingly informative and life-changing, enriching session together. My head is still spinning with life information! So if you are wondering why you are struggling with life where you currently are living, thinking of moving, about to move – have clients who are in these situations – I would strongly suggest chatting with Elliot.” – Roberta B., Ft. Collins, CO

“Hi Elliot, Thanks so much for the Compatibility Reading!!! Ron and I were so happy to listen to the CD’s and learn so much. There were many “Yes”, “A-Haaa”, and “Wow” moments. It was wonderful. Your explanations are really accessible and we both so enjoyed listening together all the way through. We learned so much and realized even more! Thanks Elliot! With light, Noelle M, Los Angeles, CA

“Thanks, the reading was comforting and explains many things to me. I think it will be a great help in parenting Cassie! Grateful as always, Sandy, Sterling Springs, FL

“Hi Elliot! I took your advice and moved to Oahu’s North Shore. This island is amazing and I think that the people are so friendly. Painting is my passion and I find so much inspiration in the flowers and water here. I thank you for your advice. – Charlotte C, Haleiwa, HI