Feng Shui Secrets: Improving Health, Wealth & Relationship Harmony

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Feng Shui Secrets: Improving Health, Wealth & Relationship Harmony

Author: Elliot Jay Tanzer — Format: 8 1/2 x 11 – 152 pages —

ISBN: 978-0-9743008-4-9
Revised 3rd Edition; previous title: Choose the Best House for You: The Feng Shui Checklist

“Do Your Own Feng Shui Using The Feng Shui Checklist.”

The Feng Shui Checklist Worksheets — pages 19-24 (PDF)

This is the best book on the subject of Landform Feng Shui, and what some refer to as the “rules of good feng shui.” It is the most comprehensive collection of feng shui problems and their solutions currently available. For the student of feng shui, this is illustrated textbook will be used many times.

For those people who just want to know what to do, the Checklist format is easy to use. Just go down the list, identify which problems may be yours, turn to the page provided, and there you can read the description of the problem, and discover what to do to remedy the situation. No need to read the whole book, just find out what you need.

Leave this book out on your coffee table and anyone who visits your home will be looking for solutions to their problems as well.

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2 reviews for Feng Shui Secrets: Improving Health, Wealth & Relationship Harmony

  1. Karen Stover

    This is an incredible treasure trove of feng shui problems, I learned a lot and have checked it frequently. I can’t wait for you next book on interior design.

  2. Barbara

    Great book, I look forward to you putting it on an e-book or Kindle.

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