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AstroCartoGraphy Maps – Best introduction to this subject.

What AstroCartoGraphy is and how your life changes for better or worst in different locations. Talk given at 8th Annual London Feng Shui Convention 2014. Be prepared to push Pause to study maps and descriptions. This video is the graphically enhanced version of the original talking head version uploaded two years ago. Elliot is a leading authority on ACG Maps and the author of the only illustrated step-by-step guide on how to evaluate ACG Maps.

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Mercury Retrograde, Again

Part 1 – Don’t Believe the Bad Press –
“the fault, dear Brutes, is not in our stars….”

Each time Mercury goes Retrograde, which it does every 3 months for 3 weeks and a few days, it gets blamed for all kinds of occurrences – especially those related to communication, transportation and the breakdown of mechanical devices. From my very beginning years as a budding professional astrologer, I pondered, “How can an optical illusion of a planet appearing to go backward in its orbit cause something to breakdown, go awry or become misunderstood?” Continue reading Mercury Retrograde, Again