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Mercury Retrograde, Again

Part 1 – Don’t Believe the Bad Press –
“the fault, dear Brutes, is not in our stars….”

Each time Mercury goes Retrograde, which it does every 3 months for 3 weeks and a few days, it gets blamed for all kinds of occurrences – especially those related to communication, transportation and the breakdown of mechanical devices. From my very beginning years as a budding professional astrologer, I pondered, “How can an optical illusion of a planet appearing to go backward in its orbit cause something to breakdown, go awry or become misunderstood?”

True, in the 1970s, I once warned someone not to buy a car during Mercury Retrograde, and they did so anyway boldly stating, “I fear no planet whether appearing to go forward or backward.” Of course when the vehicle became a nightmare of breakdowns, hard to find replacement parts and so forth, he said, “I’m a believer.” And of course, I became more convinced of this astrological truth.

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