Understanding Your Astrological Birth Chart

Astrology, as a study of star patterns and planetary movements, has been used since the dawn of time. Perhaps originally used to understand agricultural cycles, it was soon used to predict the affairs of the nobility and the affairs of state. Eventually, all members of society wanted to reap the benefits of astrology for self understanding, relationship compatibility, and for timing important events.

Throughout the ages, astrology has been used for guidance, from the three astrologers who followed a star to Bethlehem, to what led Copernicus to deduce the Sun as the center of our solar system. It was also studied by Sir Isaac Newton who retorted, when a fellow scientist mocked Newton’s interest in astrology, “I sir, have studied it, you have not.”

Even the renown psychologist, Carl G. Jung cast birth charts for his patients as insight into their psychological make up could be gained more quickly in comparison to many hours of talk therapy. Then there was banker J. P. Morgan in the early 1900s who said, “Millionaires do not follow astrology, billionaires do.” As anyone who listened to the news remembers, even world leaders like U.S. president Ronald Reagan followed the advise of his astrologer, signing treaties at 1am because his Birth Chart indicated the outcome would be most favorable.

The uses of astrology are many. Astrology has proven to be a profoundly accurate method of understanding human nature, social and political events, and even a method of relocation by determining the best geographical places for people to live.

Each Planet Reflects a Different Personality Type

The use of astrology for understanding personality types goes back millennia as the ancients observed that individuals born at certain times of the year tended to have certain qualities and characteristics, They also observed that people born when certain planets were in specific alignments, those born at that moment seemed to express the personality traits of that planet.

As each of us is a combination of ten different personality types (Sun, Moon and the eight planets), we have the multidivesity of human experience. Have you ever noticed during the course of even a short conversation the many personality types that emerge from whomever you are talking to? Though similar in many ways, even four minutes of birth time difference between twins results in noticeable differences between the two. In short, your Birth Chart, showing the alignment of the planets at your date, time and place of birth, shows you who you are.

How can a planet in the heavens affect us on planet earth? Perhaps we can glimpse the answer by observing the influence of the Moon on the tides of the earth. Considering our bodies are made up of over 70% water, it should be easy to understand that the waters within us also ebb and flow, with this ebb and flowing experienced as emotional tides and mood swings. Obviously, some people are more sensitive to these fluctuations than others, as I am sure we all know, or have known, at least one drama queen or emotionally needy man. In fact, when someone gets really lunar, we label them a lunatic. How much under the influence of the Moon are you?

As each planet has its own unique vibration, we can observe which one or more of our internal workings each planet resonate with. For example, we call individuals with a strong Mercury influence mercurial, as it correlates to a high strung nervous system, mercurial people are usually quick witted, fleet of foot, always talking, and often easily distracted. While other more aggressive, competitive, and headstrong individuals are more likely to resonate with the red planet Mars.

Saturn-like people, on the other hand, can be quite critical, contractive, and controlling. They may frown a lot, expect perfection, and often get uptight over even petty occurrences, like when someone leaves the butter knife on the butter board instead of putting it in the sink. Of course everyone likes the jovial, philosophical, optimistic Jupiter types with their ear-to-ear smile, who when cooking a meal for two people make enough to feed an army.

Birth Chart As Energy Blueprint

As an Event or Birth Chart is cast for the moment, it is like an energy blueprint of the moment. As a practicing astrologer for thirty-five years, one thing that always amazed me was the ability to describe the client’s parents from the child’s Birth Chart! Whether there was alcoholism, sexual abuse, emotional suppression, father wanted a boy instead of a girl, or whether the parents were nurturing and supportive. Our purpose and lessons in life,the patterns of our career, relationships, and health issues, it’s all right there in the Birth Chart.