Your Astro*Carto*Graphy Map May Be Your Passport to a Better Life

Like your astrological Birth Chart, your Astro*Carto*Graphy (A*C*G) Map is calculated for the month, day, year, time and place your were born. While your birth chart provides insight into your personality, purpose in life, relationship, health, and other issues, your A*C*G Map shows you your unique chemistry with different geographical locations around the world.

That’s right, all your life patterns, all your strengths and weaknesses, become stronger or weaker depending on where you live. And the key to understanding the energy of where you are currently living, and which locations may be better for you, are revealed by your A*C*G Map.

Location, Location, Location

For example: one person goes to NYC and says, “What a great place! I love the culture, creative people, excitement, cafes….” and so forth, while another person frowns and grumbles, “What are your talking about? NYC is dirty, noisy, and hostile.”

Two different perceptions of the same place. No doubt, regardless of where these two people were born, one had a joyful planet like Venus or Jupiter going over NYC at the time of birth, and the other had a more challenging planet like Mars, Saturn, or Pluto influencing that area of the world. One person stays to enjoy New York’s excitement, while the other wanders off hoping to find a place where they too can find happiness. Or, instead of ‘hoping’ to stumble onto the right place, they order their A*C*G Map, discover their best locations, and choose the one they prefer.

Bottom Line: How’s Your Health?

I am continually amazed how health can go from better to worst, or from bad to better, just by moving from one planetary line to another. You only have to examine the Birth Chart to understand an individual’s preconditions toward certain health issues – perhaps a Capricorn Sun or Asc or Saturn in the 1st or conjunct or square the Sun are among the many possible indicators that someone is likely to have problems with bones, joints, skin, or teeth.

However, that same person, or anyone else, living on or near their Saturn line will likely have bone, joint, skin or teeth problems at a younger age rather than in their late 60s, 70s or 80s were they not living on or near their Saturn line. One eight year old kid had 12 cavities while living on his Saturn line. The next year the family relocated to his Jupiter line and this kid hasn’t had a cavity in the nine years since the move as Jupiter energy makes bones and teeth stronger.

A client in L.A. (living on his Pluto line) was diagnosed as needing a heart surgery and called me to pick the best day. I looked at his Birth Chart and told him he had no indicators for a heart problem. If anything, his problem was connected to the way he communicates. I suggested in go to New Mexico (where he had a second home) to his Jupiter line for a second opinion. He discovered his heart was being stressed by polyps on his larynx. Years have passed and still no heart problems.

How’s Your Relationships? How About Your Career?

Like health, relationship issues and career success are all reflective of the planetary line you are living on or near. Previously harmonious relationships can end up on the rocks, and rocky relationships can become less contentious – just by moving to a different location. Same with career success. The question isn’t always, “Am I successful?” but rather, “Am I enjoying my success?”

Change Your Location, and You Change Your Life!

So which planet are you living on? (A partial list of attributes.)

  • Sun: you shine, have self confidence, are the host(est) with the mostest,….
  • Moon: feel at home and nurtured, but possibly take care of everybody,….
  • Mercury: light hearted, clever, and, well, mercurial,….
  • Venus: love comes easy, whatever you do, you do it with flair,….
  • Mars: work hard, head strong, contentious, head ache,….
  • Jupiter: good fortune, good health, good fortune, and more good fortune,….
  • Saturn: feel alone, bone or teeth problems, burdened by responsibilities,….
  • Uranus: colorful, innovative, unconventional, can be lots of changes,….
  • Neptune: sensitive, creative, can be anxiety, hard to diagnose health issues,….
  • Pluto: emotionally intense highs and lows, whacked out immune system,….

Enjoying a Greater Quality of Life

But let me make it clear from the get-go. Just as moving from line to line won’t make you taller or shorter, so too, you take your relationship issues and health preconditions with you. Your whole life won’t, like magic, suddenly be without its ups and downs.

What does change is the quality of life, your feeling supported in the process, your sense of community, your seeing problems get resolved, and overall, a gratitude with all that you have been blessed with, instead of being weighted down by all the troubles you feel burdened with.

Trust, Faith and the Spirit of Adventure

It is truly amazing how many excuses people living near or on their Saturn line or Pluto line have, for why they can’t leave yet. With more and more problems multiply the longer and longer they stay, you would think they would leave as soon as possible upon discovering they were living on their Saturn or Pluto line? Especially after they hear that those people who do leave sooner than later, begin to resolve their health and relationship issues, feel a weight lift off their shoulders, feel their gut relax so they can breathe deeply again, and all in all feel they are again enjoying their life and are moving forward.

As we know from astrology, there are many reasons why we have some ups and downs. Very often a difficult cycle will last for a few weeks, sometimes on and off for a year, or even two. These cycles do eventually change. However, for anyone who has been struggling for years and years, it is likely they are living on a difficult planetary line. For this person looking at an Astro*Carto*Graphy Map usually means they are ready for change, and that change is ready for them. And that usually means living somewhere else. Somewhere where the chemistry is just right. So, what planet are you living on?

Check out your Astro*Carto*Graphy Map and soon you will be discovering the best places in the world for you to live.