Feng Shui Tools For Skillful Living

Maui Special Edition #1 – April 1997

The current popularity of the geomantic tradition called Feng Shui (fung schway) comes to us from China. At first, Feng Shui may have evolved out of a natural observation of the best way to do things in an agrarian society. Build your house near water with your back protected from the cold northly winds and life will be harmonious.

Health Implacations of Feng Shui

Feng Shui analysis considers both the physically obvious and the psychically subtle influences on one’s health. Sleeping on water beds over stimulates the “water element” of the body. Though woman seem more vulnerable than men, both are susceptible to kidney, bladder and urinary tract problems.

Electro-magnetic fields over stimulate the nervous and hormonal systems. Even when switched off, a plugged in electric appliance (tv, computr, electric blanket, etc.) continues to draw power and generates an electro-magnetic field. And never sleep near power boxes, power lines and transformers.

A bathroom or other room with drains located in the “center” of the house can be a “drain” on one’s health. Even worse, if the room is neglected, trashed and has a kitty litter box, health problems can really get out of hand for all the occupants.

Sleeping in the energy (chi) flow of doorways or under windows, can also have negative health consequence. Sharp edges of furniture or beams or oncoming traffic outside your home, all can be sending “killing chi” towards anyone in the way. In these situations, adverse effects will manifest over a period of time.

If the relationship area of the house is disturbed, this can lead to feelings of alienation and then separation. However if the relationship is quite stable, then the problems may be related to the health of one or both individuals. This health problem then becomes the relationship problem. As obstacles to harmony in the relationship areas of the home are removed, physical and emotional healing will then progress smoothly.

Once assessing the disharmonies in the home or office environment, the Feng Shui practitioner’s next challenge is to suggest “cures” for each situation. The right solution will restore harmony and create a stress free environment. It is with this in mind that I wish you the enjoyment of a peaceful wind and the prosperity of abundant water.