Sixty Tai Sui

Wu Huan Tai Sui - 2010One of my most interesting new discoveries a couple of years ago was learning there are 60 Tai Sui. Last year I learned that there is one Tai Sui who is in charge of all the others. This Tai Sui goes by the name Yin Jiao, who was the son of the evil King Zhou of the Shang Dynasty. Yin Jiao is usually depicted with three heads and six arms.

According to the Chinese calendar, each year is a combination of an Animal Sign and an Element called Stems and Branches – 2010 is the Year of Geng Yin, the Yang Metal (Stem) Tiger (Branch). As there are 12-Animal Signs and 5-Elements, it takes 60 years for the cycle to repeat with each year assigned a different Commander, or Lord, of the Year, known in Chinese as Tai Sui, and in English referred to as the Grand Duke Jupiter.

As the Jade Emperor is the Ruler of Heaven, the year Tai Sui is the Ruler of Earth. Tai Sui is always located in the same compass direction as the Year Animal Sign which this year is ENE, the sign of the Tiger.

The Tai Sui of 2007 was depicted holding a bamboo stick – the kind used to reprimand government or other leader who abused their power, which he certainly did. According to Wikipedia: “if the Tai Sui of the year holds a spear or sword it signifies the need to work hard and excel for that year.” The Tai Sui of 2010, General Wu Huan sits with a plant growing on his lap, signifying a year of healing and health issues, personal and planetary, coming to the forefront. Hopefully, natural healing will finally get the media attention it deserves.