How I Became a Teacher of Meditation & Metaphysical Subjects

I have been giving public presentation since fifteen years of age, when I shared with a small group of parents and children about the “meaning” of one of our holy days that were being celebrated at that time. Soon after, when our after school Bible teacher resigned, I took over by giving weekly insight into a portion of the Bible to the Junior Congregation. I prepared for each “sermon” by researching various biblical commentaries from a set o books my parents had given me as a birthday gift. I was fascinated by the historical, cultural and deeper esoteric meaning in my biblical studies. From that time, until I graduated college, my studies included world religions, philosophy, psychology, mythology and mysticism.

After graduation in 1968, I moved from my place of birth in New York City to Berkeley, California. During the next two years, I studied Astrology, Tarot and Tai Chi Chuan and worked as a professional actor in various theatrical troops beginning with improv and ending with scripted plays. Then, as now, I found presenting to a large group of people exciting, energizing and fulfilling. By 1973, I changed career titles and officially hung out my shingle as a professional astrologer.

In 1974, I relocated to the island of Maui, where I continued offering professional astrological services and began teaching publicly. To my classes in astrology, tarot and metaphysics, I added introductory classes in the healing arts such as: Homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, Essential Oil Therapies and Radionics. During this time, I was fortunate to continue my own studies in the shamanic traditions of the Hawaiian Kahuna.

In 1982, I was invited to teach at Heartwood: California College of the Healing Arts in Garberville, California, where I presented classes in astrology, metaphysics and esoteric healing. It was at Heartwood that I was acknowledged with an Honorary M.A. in Esoteric Studies in appreciation of (at that time) my twentY years of synthesis of eastern and western mystical traditions and the teachings of the Hawaiian Kahuna.

When the cold winter descended on Heartwood, I migrated south to the Los Angeles area, where I settled for the next eight years. In addition to my privately promoted classes, I also gave presentation at Manly P. Hall’s prestigious Philosophical Research Society and many other area metaphysical societies.

In 1986, I gave two presentations at the first United Astrology Congress (UAC ’86). One lecture was on Saturn Through the Houses and the second presentation was an experiential Guided Visualization Journey to the Planets. I was also on the public relations committee promoting that gathering which drew almost 1200 people. Since 1983, I have been members of AFAN – Associated Federation of Astrological Networkers, ISAR -the International Society for Astrological Research, and NCGR – National Counsel for Geocosmic Research. I withdrew from subsequent UAC gatherings after I returned to Maui in 1990.

From 1983 until I returned to Maui in 1990, I also gave yearly presentations at the Los Angeles Whole Life Expos. One of the first such conscious lifestyle expos of its kind. At the Expos, I helped organize a metaphysics symposium. And, as public interest in Tantric and Taoist approaches to sexuality was growing, I brought together some knowledgeable people and organized a yearly symposium on enlighten approaches to sexuality. During this time, I also added Tantric and Taoist Sexology classes to my teaching schedule. I was also writing a monthly astrology column for the Los Angeles Whole Life Times magazine, doing many radio interviews, and hosted a radio call-in show.

From Jan. 1990 to Jan. 2000 I returned to live on the island of Maui, where I continued building my astrological practice locally on island and by providing audio-taped consultations internationally by mail and by telephone. It is during this time period, that I immersed myself in the study of feng shui, the 4000 year old Chinese art and science of interior design and placement. I have written feng shui articles for the Feng Shui Journal, the Maui Voice (which I published from 1996-98), and was invited to give presentations at the 2nd, 3rd and 4th International Feng Shui Conferences.

Audio Classes, Article Archives, Feng Shui Book, Tutorial and Study Guides
Many of my public presentations are available on audio and can be reviewed in the Audio Classes section of this website. My audio classes also include two Home Study Courses: one on astrology (ten hours) and one on feng shui (six hours). Many of the articles written in the last few years or revisions of previous articles can be found in my Article Archives, also found elsewhere on this website.

I am the co-founder of the Integrative School of Feng Shui located in San Diego, California and the Natural Bridges Institute located in Encinitas, California. I also give introductory classes through the San Diego Learning Annex and the Irvine Center for Fine Arts. Beginning in 2001, and for many years after, I wrote a Feng Shui column for the Los Angeles Whole Life Times magazine. This time providing a Feng Shui Clinic, answering reader’s questions and providing a Tip of the Month. All these articles can also be found in my Article Archives.

My book on feng shui was published December 2003, and was initially titled, Choose the Best Home for You: The Feng Shui Checklist that makes it easy for the lay person to evaluate the home they are living in or planning to buy or rent without having to study the principles and concepts of feng shui first. The book also presents an important discussion of Qi Flow Theory, and it is hoped that in time everyone will understand this and other underlying theories of feng shui analysis. But for those without the time or the inclination, The Feng Shui Checklist makes it possible to make evaluating ones home an easy process.

In 2012, I revised the book and released with a new title Choose the Best Home for You: The Feng Shui Checklist As my book is the most comprehensive collection of problems and their solutions related to Landform Feng Shui, there are a few teachers of feng shui who use my book as their textbook. It has also proven popular among interior decorators, home builders and real estate agents.

As a result of my own interest in broadening my feng shui expertise to include many traditional approaches, I have developed three laminated Study Guides and a Tutorial to help others learn 8 Mansion and Flying Star approaches to feng shui. One Study Guide has all the necessary formulae, another all the pre-calculated Flying Star charts for 180 years, while the third card provides the needed interpretations. As many modern practitioners prefer using an 8-Spoked Wheel instead of the age-old 9-Box Grid method for determining a structures compass directions, with the help of my son, I developed a perforated See-thru Tracing Compass that can be used to accurately determine where each compass direction should be located. This, too, has proven to be popular among many feng shui teachers around the world.

Astro*Carto*Graphy Maps
I first became aware of Astro*Carto*Graphy Maps when Jim Lewis, the developer of A*C*G Maps, first made them available in 1976. Certainly seemed like an interesting idea, and I ordered one immediately. After reading the little A*C*G Manual that came with it, it seemed fairly straightforward. Over the next few years, I ordered maps mostly for my family and occasionally for a client or two. It wasn’t until I gave a presentation at the 2nd International Feng Shui Conference that I actually mentioned A*C*G Maps, introducing them as essentially a new feng shui technique and called it Global Feng Shui. The idea that you choose the most desirable place to live geographically before you site, build and decorate a structure according to ancient feng shui principles and concepts. Out of the audience of about 250 attendees, at least 60 wanted to know where their most favorable locations were to be found.

As I had so many sign ups, I decided that before fulfilling these requests, it might behoove me to do some research and be sure I knew all there was to know. Was I surprised to discover how little I actually knew, and so thankful for all that I was soon to learn. Back in 1978, when Jim Lewis first introduced A*C*G Maps, he also offered a Certification Course. Though not very expensive, it certainly cost more than I was willing to spend, when, after all, it seemed the A*C*G Manual had very clearly explained what needed to be done. And this, indeed, is no doubt the same big mistake made by many other, otherwise excellent, astrologers.

However, as I was to discover, a few years after the A*C*G Manual was published, Jim Lewis revised his estimation as to how wide a planetary line’s influence is likely to be, and though published this information in a few other places, never went back to revise the instructions given in the A*C*G Manual. to further complicate matters, Jim sadly died in 1995 without ever revising the A*C*G Manual, which cannot be changed as it is protected by copyright as an historical document.