Meditation & Metaphysics Topics

This class is based on Elliot Tanzer’s book:
Exercises For The Spiritual Body: The Mastery of Self

The human aura is often described as a having an “egg” shape appearance around the body. This is the ideal coordinated auric field. In actuality, most people’s auras clairvoyantly look more like an “amorphous puddle” floating about them lacking focus and definition.

Over a period of time the aura becomes continually more coordinated as an individual matures in their spiritual development. Lacking this coordination of the auric field leaves an individual vulnerable to negative astral-emotional energies. This is often perceived as an “invasion of one’s space” when in reality no one can invade another’s space unless the auric field is weak and uncoordinated. It is therefore essential to strengthen the auric field through spiritual practices and various methods of personal growth therapy. The exercises in this workshop, which I call Exercises For The Spiritual Body, will help you accomplish this task. This class is essential for anyone who is a counselor, health care provider or psychically sensitive.

Meditation & Metaphysics Course Titles & Descriptions

  • Exercises For The Spiritual Body
  • Rainbow Bridge Meditation
  • How to See the Aura
  • How to Do An Aura Brush Down
  • How to See the Aura
  • How to Use a Pendulum

In this workshop you will learn:

  • how to to strengthen your auric field.
  • how to claim your space.
  • how to develop stronger grounding.
  • how to clear negativity from the auric field and chakrum.
  • how to clear negativity and balance another person’s aura.
  • how to enhance your intuitiveness to benefit all areas of your life.