Feng Shui Topics

Feng Shui: The Chinese Art of Placement and Interior Design

Feng shui (pron.: fung sch’way) is a 3000 year old art and science of how the home environment and its occupants interact. Only recently has feng shui become available to the English speaking world. It is a study of how the home shapes its occupants and how the occupants can consciously shape the home to remove the obstacles to their success so it supports the occupants in enjoying greater abundance, harmony in relationships, good health and success in their career and all of their other aspirations.

Feng Shui Topics

  • Form School Feng Shui – Enhancements & Remedies to Create External & Internal Harmony
  • Flying Star Feng Shui – The Time Dimension
  • Eight Mansion Feng Shui for Determining Your Best & Least Favorable Directions
  • Black Sect Feng Shui – Anchoring Your Intentions
  • Symbolism and Psychology in Feng Shui
  • How to Dowse, Detect & Neutralize Geopathic Zones
  • Astro*Carto*Graphy – Using Global Feng Shui to Determine Your Best Locations on planet Earth
  • A Meditation to Increase the Accuracy of Your Feng Shui Diagnosis

In this workshop you will learn:

  • how to to strengthen your auric field.
  • how to claim your space.
  • how to develop stronger grounding.
  • how to clear negativity from the auric field and chakrum.
  • how to clear negativity and balance another person’s aura.
  • how to enhance your intuitiveness to benefit all areas of your life and how to increase the accuracy of feng shui diagnosis.

Feng Shui Course Titles & Descriptions

  1. Feng Shui: The Right Alignments Can Benefit Your Life
    Learn what you can do to take charge of your life to enjoy greater prosperity, increased career success, improved relationships and better health. You can do all this by making the right adjustments to the shape, colors, symbolism, furniture arrangement and external landscape of your home.Description of Topic:
    Part One is an introduction to these principles of feng shui with practical applications. Part Two will use student’s floor plans to further demonstrate feng shui principles and concepts.

  2. Let The Ch’i Flow – Choose the Best Home for You & Your Family
    Featuring: The Feng Shui Check List™ – An Integrative Approach to Feng ShuiDescription of Topic:
    Feng shui guidelines for evaluating a house you plan on buying, renting or are living in now. Case histories demonstrating the Integrative Approach to Feng Shui. How to use the different schools of feng shui (Form School, Eight Aspirations Ba-Gua, Eight Mansions & Flying Star Feng Shui) to evaluate a home you are planning to buy, rent or are currently living in. (An introductory class for understanding how the “flow of energy-ch’i” within and without a home strengthens or weakens how the home will effect the occupants.Based on the book of the same title.

  3. Feng Shui Guidelines For Evaluating The Interior Design Of The Home You Are Living In NowDescription of Topic: An introductory class teaching how to energize the home to enhance success in all areas of life while removing images, colors, shapes and textures that may be undermining your best efforts.

  4. Feng Shui Secrets To Attract And Enjoy Greater Abundance: Kitchen Dragons, Golden Turtles, Three Legged Toads, Water Fountains and Other Ways to Energize Your Prosperity.Description of Topic: Abundance is understood as being more than just money. Abundance is accumulated wealth, good health and having enough to share with others. In this class the student will discover how to energize the home to attract greater prosperity and possibly resolve many family health and relationship issues.

  5. Feng Shui & Health
    How to Avoid Destructive Influences in Your Home: Hidden Arrows, Geopathic Stress Zones, EMF and Other Undermining Influences.Description of Topic:
    In feng shui it is said that 80% of illness is caused or aggravated by the home environment. This class tells what to look for and how to “cure” the problems. Many case histories are used to illustrate the feng shui principles and concepts.

  6. The “Do’s” & “Don’t’s” Of Dragon ImageryDescription of Topic: How to effectively utilize Dragon imagery to enhance personal prosperity and business success with proper color, element and placement.See Article: The Fabulous Feng Shui Dragons

  7. Global Feng Shui: Astro*Carto*Graphy
    Finding The Best Place In The World To Live
    An introduction to Astro*Carto*Graphy as a new feng shui tool to determine the best geographical location on planet earth for career success and relationship harmony (no astrology background required).

    Description of Topic:
    An Astro*Carto*Graphy Map shows the pathway of each planet through the sky at the time of birth. The planet overhead reveals your chemistry with the geographically location below. The planet overhead will determine if you will be successful, frustrated or possibly alternate between the extremes. This workshop will show you how to interpret an Astro*Carto*Graphy Map for yourself, your family and your clients.No astrological knowledge is needed.See Article: Astro*Carto*Graphy – A New Feng Shui Technique

  8. A Meditation to Increase the Accuracy of Your Feng Shui Diagnosis
    Featuring: Exercises For The Spiritual BodyTo be effective as a feng shui practitioner correct analysis is of great importance. It is also of great importance for any practitioner of the consulting or healing arts or any psychically sensitive individual to be able to stay grounded and centered during emotionally intimate and empathetic situations.

    Description of Topic:
    The exercises in this workshop, which I call Exercises For The Spiritual Body, will help anyone who is a counselor, health care provider or psychically sensitive become more grounded and entered.